The most unscrupulous bunch of jerks I’ve ever dealt with…

03 Jun

In all the years I’ve run the blog, I’ve never said, “Do not do business with….” But seriously and particularly if you’re a woman, do not do business with Gunther Volkswagen of Delray Beach.

These guys were just jerks. They totally reneged on what they agreed to do and this story is so not nice.

I had a car that broke down. After going through 3 batteries in six months, I knew it wasn’t it the battery. So I needed to have AAA tow the car somewhere. I’m not allowed to ride in an Uber because as you know I was recently in the hospital and that’s considered too risky for me. I believe the terminology is I have a condition “where you are considered compromised and need to limit your exposure.” No Ubers.

So I called the dealership where I’ve had my car serviced and asked them if I had AAA tow it, could they deliver the car back to me because I can’t take an Uber to the dealership to pick it up. I explained the whole thing. No problem they said. Then the employee said, “But we can’t take your car without a credit card on file.” So I gave her my card number.

After having the car for days, they called this morning to tell me it’s done. I said, “Great the cards on file, go ahead and charge it and deliver the car back.” The Service Manager agreed that they had agreed to bring the car back but then he says, “No one was authorized to take your credit card number because we don’t take cards over the phone. ” Great, so that means one of their employees just stole the number. I asked him to look into it. He wouldn’t do it. He took no responsibility for the employees of the dealership.

So then I asked, “How do you want me to pay for the car?” He sends an email with an upside down scanned paper form. I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding, no one sends credit card numbers through email. That’s not secure.”

I don’t see why he couldn’t print out he form and bring it with him with the car and I would fill out and sign the form when the car arrived.

He refused to do any of the above and then he refused to give the car back. So basically they stole the car.

The police department says it’s not stolen until it’s paid for so they suggest that I send a friend with my credit card to pay for the car and move it off of their lot on onto their lot outside of the gate. Then we can go back at night and get the car. If the dealership refuses to release the car after it’s been paid for then it becomes another matter. I asked him to at least send me a form that was not upside down. He wouldn’t even do it.

I work during the day and I have a ridiculous deadline on a project right now (that’s a whole separate story). I don’t finish until after 6 p.m. The dealership decides it closes at 5:30 now. Meanwhile, I have a doctors appointment Thursday morning and no car.

These guys are jerks and they are wrong on so many levels. I will NEVER, EVER do business with this dealership again or anything that is owned by Joe Gunther because his employees have acted in such an unscrupulous manner and don’t give a damn. Now they have refused to deliver the car at all. I asked to speak to him. Do you think the people who screwed this up wanting me talking to him. No. I’m quite sure he’ll never call me. You need to fire them all.

All I want, is to pay for my car and get my car back. I don’t need this kind of stress and aggravation from a bunch of low lifes. And if you’re a woman or a potential customer, you should run as far as way and as fast as possible from this dealership. They will not do what they promised to do. I agreed to pay that outrageous sum of money to fix the car because I thought the car was being delivered back to me. There’s another dealer in West Palm and I’ve been a customer of theirs before and they will now be getting my business.

The repair on the car was $1200.

What a poor representation of someone’s brand. I seriously hope your bad Karma comes back to get you.

But I am serious about please do not do business with any Gunther dealership.

Honestly, this is why Visa has fraud cases and they should terminate the merchant agreement with anyone who tries to accept credit card payments in an unsecure way and who will not investigate their own employees who try to take a credit card number for purposes of theft. We should we as the consumers, pay for this garbage? I setup credit card processing all the time for clients. It’s not expensive. Your average cookie shop can afford it let alone a car dealer.

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