Another fabulous weekend…

01 Jun

I made a nice dinner and served it in the dinning room on Friday evening. Candles and wine and it was a very lovely evening.

Then Saturday N. and I went to Vero Beach because Space X was launching the rocket.

We went to a hotel that is owned by Gloria Estefan.

Of course we wore masks and I had my little white gloves and a straw sun hat. But the table we had had a terrific view and there were no tables next to either the left or right of us. The closest person was over 30 feet away.

When we walked around Vero Beach, one lady commented that I was the epitome of Southern Charm. Everyone has thought the white gloves are a great idea because like the masks they are washable. I keep 10 pairs around.

Then we came back and had dinner at a cute little French restaurant where we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. The owner wore a mask, as did I. When she walked away, I could take the mask down and N. and I had a very lovely evening.

He’s reminded me I need to master Stress Management 101. So here’s how I spent my Sunday. He approved of that choice.

I can remember after Joe died, N. tried to talk me out of ever flying a plane again. And I don’t know that I will ever see the inside of a cockpit again.

But when you’re born the second the launched the rocket to the Moon, you are destined to be fascinated with things that fly and there is no greater freedom than to be above the clouds.

But for now, we watch someone else fly.

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