A former client didn’t make it through this…

25 May

One of my former clients who was in business for 76 years appears to have not made it through this crisis.

I had ocassion to walk down Worth Avenue at night and the store was completely torn up and empty.

I haven’t worked with them in 8 months but it looks like things derailed before the crisis. When I got home I had a look. Among the many things I made for them, the expensive web site had been worked on by someone who’s not at my level and they broke the style sheets and made a mess out of the front. The client had completely lost their rank with Google compared to holding many pages of rank during the 3 years I worked on the site. I put the previous site in place.

It is sad to see a business that has operated for 76 years go under. They were a fixture in Palm Beach.

I am sorry to see all the merchants who have suffered on Worth Avenue and not made it through this time. My thoughts are with you.

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