The picture that really changed everything…

14 May

My body has lost the ability to regulate it’s own blood pressure. I swing very, very high to low – like a ping pong ball. It happens without cause, without reason and without warning.

I had a really bad headache and I knew my blood pressure was high because a nurse had taken it. I was starting to get some angina.

Nick lives in my neighborhood and we often run into one another when I walk and he’s out walking. We used to go out. I think the world of him. I always have. But he owns businesses in other states and he taken another woman out and I found out and told him that I don’t date men who are dating other women. I knew he traveled the world a lot but the thought of another woman hadn’t entered my mind until then. We had had a lot of extraordinary dates and a lot of fun. The Breakers, The Four Seasons, The Hard Rock Hotel Spa, the Ferrari Cavallino, Flagler’s, Brazilian Court Hotel, Miami and of course his favorite St. Ambrose. There were lots of beautiful gowns and fine wine. A sophisticated gentleman with excellent taste in clothes, manners and the best education and intellect. Never been married and no children. We seemed to be so evenly matched. But not wanting to get my heart broken, I said what I said.

A few months passed and this Coronavirus thing exploded. And as his businesses were forced down to a minimum (he provides luxury offices for people in Palm Beach, New Jersey and New York) my business was ramping up in the crisis. I was in high gear dealing with it all.

I ran into him the day after the nurse had taken my blood pressure and I wasn’t feeling well. He went out and bought the wrist blood pressure reader with an app for my phone and we started tracking it and you could clearly see, I had a problem. I had already been COVID tested and that wasn’t it. I have friends that find this really hard to wrap their brain around because I am so physically fit and only 50 with a good diet. Maybe if you see it, you’ll understand. Here’s some of the screenshots:

The next day got scarrier and that’s when I had to go to the Emergency Room and then spent a couple of days in the hospital.

After discovering that the irregular heartbeat was a problem, Nick bought the hand held EKG reader that would talk to the phone. With those two devices, he equipped me with more medical technology than a third world country.

When I was afraid to go sleep, because I almost died in the hospital when I went to sleep, Nick came down and slept next to me. If I cried out or moved a certain way, he was awake immediately wanting to know if I was alright.

He made an observation that my condo was too hot at night. “I’ll get up and turn it down for you.”

He was surprised I didn’t have a programmable thermostat. I told him, “I ran over budget on the electrical in the renovations so there were some items that came off the list.”

He said, “I’ll take care of it.”

The next day a wifi thermostat that talks to the phone arrived. You can adjust your thermostat and set schedules from the phone. This morning, the company Nick hired to install it installed it.

He’s really done a lot to help me and if he hadn’t cared enough to get me to use the reader, we wouldn’t have know the extent of the problem, and if I had stayed home, that might have been disastrous. He really saved me by gettng me to see I had a bigger problem.

There’s not enough words to say how you feel about someone who’s put so much effort into keeping me above ground.

Right now is not a safe time to go to restaurants for an experience. Friday night I want to make him an appreciation dinner for all that he’s done. I have a beautiful table with a lake and golf course view. He enjoys that room. I’m thinking about a salmon patty topped with a fried green tomato with bearnaise sauce and asparagus with bearnaise sauce. A nice bottle of prosecco and a delicious dessert.

I want him to know how much I appreciate everything he’s done and how important all this was to me. And I’m glad that he’s back for a second chance with us because I always thought we were good together.

Maybe it takes something like this for people to see what’s really important in life.

We decided to do a little experiment to see what would happen if I skipped the medication for five hours. I did and acted just like a ping pong ball that wasn’t controlled. I need that medicine in order to regulate my systems.

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