It’s shocking. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

06 May

I did go in for the appointment with my doctor who had obtained all the records so we could make sense out of what happened and what is going on.

Her four years of medical records on me clearly show that I did not have a single health issue that would have lead someone to think that this would happen. Good diet. Good exercise. No issues.

The evidence provided by the hospital clearly shows that what caused the crisis was the combination of drugs that the ER doctor ordered. He admits it and he defends it because I was in hypertensive crisis when I arrived.

They clearly see by looking at all the readings that have been taken every day, that I have a problem, but they do not know what’s causing it, even after all the tests. They did not test for the blood clot. They can’t find anything and things like this don’t just happen. And the blood pressure remains volatile. The last two nights it’s dropped way lowered than normal and then to the extreme during the day. Stuff like this does not just happen. It’s a roller coaster.

I am sleeping with a medical alarm within reach because I had less than 2 seconds in the hospital before I wasn’t capable of doing anything. When it goes low, it’s very dangerous.

So I am on the most high powered blood pressure medicine they make. We are using 3 during the day. This either has to get better, or the cause is eventually going to show up.

I was COVID tested twice and both are negative. My symptoms do not match that disease.

I was never afraid to go to sleep at night before. Fear was not exactly part of my makeup. But I can tell you that death is not a peaceful thing. I wasn’t under any sedation. When my body started shutting down, it wasn’t exactly what I thought would happen. It’s not peaceful, it’s a fight. And everything starts to close in.

This is the best I can do with what I’ve got right now. There’s where I’m at with it. There are residual issues from what happened in the hospital that I hope will go away with time. I don’t know what to say. It was a traumatic experience. I’m trying to move past it. I wish we had more answers and I wish I knew what comes next.

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