How am I doing?

01 May

A little better today than yesterday. I did however, work both days.

I’m learning to deal with life post heart attack. I’m tired but I think that will go away in time. It’s a priority right now for me to get enough sleep.

I have to monitor the BP all day and now there’s 3 different kinds of meds for the day. I have to watch that I don’t over exert myself. I did walk this evening with a friend, just in case.

Obviously, there are changes that come to your life after this. Right now it’s my goal not to be the one in five people who have a second heart attack in the first five years. I have a friend who’s mother had a heart attack at 50 and she didn’t have her second until 83. That would be more my goal, I think.

At any rate, it’s coming along. I’m going to take this slow and steady but back to a normal life. I wish right now I had a housekeeper and a cook.

I talked to someone who really knows this stuff. They asked, “What time did you have the heart attack?”

“3 a.m.”

“Oh you were right on time, most heart attacks happen between 2 and 4 am.”

I had gone into the hospital at 4 pm.

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