I know more than I did yesterday…

20 Apr

I did a test today that I didn’t want to do but I need to get down to the bottom of this.

I think there are 2 things going on here. One is the reaction to penicillin which is going to take several days to get out of my system. And I’ve actually had that my whole life but we seldom have ever had to use penicillin. I actually thought I outgrew the allergy. I still had the headache and some bleeding, but less. My blood pressure is coming down. That was like scary, unsafe blood pressure and I know it. I woke up with it loud enough to hear in my ears and my nose was bleeding. That’s not good. I put my Apple Watch on which can do like an EKG and monitor the heart rate.

But here’s what I was afraid of and I tested it. I didn’t take any allergy medicine this morning. I didn’t have any nasal congestion and my lungs were clear. What I took yesterday was wearing off. I opened up my slider doors for an hour. It was really windy today. Within an hour, I had a very serious allergic reaction. It was like a faucet that wouldn’t shut off – my nose, my lungs – everything filled up with fluid. I shut the doors and took an antihistamine. An hour later, I was close to normal.

I have never had allergic reactions that severe. My brother however, has had severe asthma and allergies his entire life.

I am very clearly, highly, highly allergic to something outside right now. It’s so odd to me that the reaction wasn’t nearly as bad a year ago. But I did read where people can get adult onset asthma at 50. I am beginning to think that’s what this is and that it’s triggered by something putting of pollen.

I just can’t get over what a serious reaction it is.

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