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19 Apr

My symptoms do not match what they report for the Coronavirus. I don’t have a respiratory issue. I don’t have a fever. I’m actually running at 96, which is low.

What I have is a sinus cavity above my eyes that is bleeding and causing a massive headache in my face.

I did some research yesterday. Allergies can cause bleeding. Allergy medicines can cause bleeding. High blood pressure can cause bleeding. Exercise normally lowers blood pressure but we’ve pretty much have been prohibited from anything in Palm Beach County.

I know my blood pressure was high yesterday because I could hear it in my ears. I normally have allergies. I decided yesterday to discontinue all allergy medication to see what happens. I got out the facial steamer last night and steamed. I have a small vaporizer that I ran in my bedroom again last night.

This morning, I still woke up with a headache. I used saline to rinse and it was full of blood. But I’m going to try going down this path for a few days in case it’s being caused by one of the medicines. Being pent up indoors has not been good for this situation.

I am such a clean freak because I have allergies. I have zero carpeting in my home and allergen bags on pillows and mattresses. Now the plus side is that we had a hard rain yesterday. A hard rain will take the pollen out of the air. Last week if I had my dining room door open, I could write my name on the glass table after only a few hours. We have had such a dry spell in Florida that allergens build up in the air. And all this may have been something that I normally fight off but the steroids might have put me in a position where I can’t.

I’m staying in bed another day because I am shaky this morning. I suspect that blood pressure is still too high. I hate having a headache like this but I’m not sure what I can do about it.

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