15 Apr

I solved one of the technical problems on my list. Check.

I have friends in which I need to clarify this – I do not think that what is going on with me is COVID-19. Neither do my doctors. They think it’s the RA and a side effect of the neck procedure. Which is just acting up temporarily.  Today was more proof in my mind. The antibiotic kicked in and started breaking things up in my chest. Everything I coughed up is very wet. I’m not used to getting anything. This wouldn’t of happened had we not had to lower my immunity temporarily. I honestly don’t know how long that part lasts. They put the corticosteroids (steroids) into my neck when we killed the nerves and a risk of that kind of medication is infections.

My sinuses had been draining for weeks. Some of that had to be going into my chest. I should be as good as new in a week. I don’t care for the side effects of an antibiotic but I think it’s working. I’ll be glad when I can sleep right again.

I’ve had a neck injury for over 20 years. I’ve had this procedure done many, many times. This is the first time I’ve ever had any repercussions of the steroids like an infection. I’ve had it add fullness to my cheeks, which I hate but that’s life.

I gave it some thought and here’s where I think we pushed it too far. Four weeks ago we did 2 vertebra. A month before we did two vertebra. Those two procedures were too close together. In the past there was always six months in between procedures. So I think I had the injections two months in a row. I don’t remember how many nerves we killed or how many times you go in. In past procedures I know it has averaged between 5 and 10.

Overall, I think we’re moving in the right direction to get control of this.

But I’m still working a full, long day every day. No issue there.

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