My stress levels are up…

13 Apr

It was a complicated day.

First I dealt with technical problems and 3 outside companies with 3 different opinions about what each of them should do. I like it when it’s within my power to solve the technical problem. Right now, it’s not really within my hands. Some of this is out of my hands until I can get effective communication flowing between all the parties.

But we really have to solve this problem and soon.

Then there was the moment when we figure out what’s really going on with me. Right after my neck procedure and when all this started, I had a sudden drastic change. I’ve now talked to my regular doctor and neck doctor and today we had the lightbulb moment and figured it out. I was, I think obvious to all of us that everything was going back to the RA. What’s going on is highly unusual for me. But what I didn’t know, was that during the neck procedure, they gave me steroids and they lowered my immunity. And then my doctor asks, “And didn’t you just make a big shift at work from the company being in the office to now adapting to running everything from people’s houses?”

“Well, yes.”

He thought it was fair to say that the sudden shift and the extra effort now required in dealing with this COVID crisis now constitutes “stress.” And I did not know that that lowers your immunity even further.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that it would be dangerous to treat the RA right now. Pain in my bones is one thing. I knew that I would also feel it in my heart muscle. I think it’s obvious that I am strong enough to take it for a period of time. But yes, I wake up at 2 a.m. But what drove me crazy (and yes, it’s caused by the RA) is the chronic allergies/sinus problem for over 4 weeks. It’s a sign of infection if it goes on that long. So today I’m starting an antibiotic. I literally had not driven my car in weeks and weeks. I will have to go out to a pharmacy tomorrow who does my items and does not have drive through or delivery. We’re working on next time changing all that. But I’ll be going in full hazmat practically to pick it up.

In case you don’t know RA is a genetic disease that disproportionately affects white women. I probably inherited it from my grandmother’s genes . She had it but lived into her 80s. I don’t think I want to live past that anyways. The problem with untreated RA is that you never get sick and you have a super immune system that kills everything including yourself. But the medications used to treat RA are very dangerous and they put you in a very compromising position. I have known people to die from the medication. It’s a disease with an impossible answer right now. Most people never realize I have it. Even people who have known me for years. And in case your wondering, RA is not contagious.

His advice to me today is not simple, “Lower your stress. Right now your body does not like it.”

Easier said than done. I hope to have more control over it by the end of the week. But I just saw a long process I have to learn today that was not something I look forward to do doing but I see where it’s necessary.

I’m just going to have to tackle these items and solutions have to be found or not solving them is what will really cause the stress and I know it.

Enough said. But now we know why these “allergies” have beat me up for a month. In order to breathe, I’ve been taking Afrin every day on top of allergy medicine and you are not supposed to do that. But if I didn’t I would of had bronchitis for sure. Keep in mind you are talking about someone who never gets sick. You see why this was so shocking to me? When RA acts up it causes congestion because it produces fluids in the body and reactions to things. So if allergies are 10 times worse, they are.

So I had to have something interesting to shift my mind off of stress this evening. Here’s what I came up with. I read about the Moron of the day You should never take anyone up in a fighter jet who doesn’t want to go. He accidentally ejected himself from a fighter jet. This is as bone head as the local guy who just crashed his plane and died last week. You know what they found? The plane had no fuel. He took off with both tanks bone dry. I’m not kidding. This just happened. Bone heads. Seriously.

I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing over the fact that this 64 year old was deathly afraid of the fighter jet and yet he ejected himself and parachuted to the ground. I bet you wish you were back in the plane now….

The account of the whole incident written by The San Jose Mercury News has to be the funniest thing I have read all year. I laugh myself into tears every time I read it.

Please Lord, don’t let me die from some stupid move. How embarrassing. It’s like the Wile E. Coyote move. It’s bad enough that my obituary might say, “She liked high heels, fashion, Lilly Pulitzer, airplanes and fighter jets. She was a different kind of woman.” LOL. It’s true though. I’m just not cut from the same mold.

In terms of the update on the Coronavirus and COVID-19 in Palm Beach County. You might have heard by now that Palm Beach is the second single largest point of deaths in the state. I find that interesting considering that Atlantis, which is in the county, has no cases. Palm Beach is second only to Miami.

The government of Palm Beach issued something that wasn’t very smart. Where I agree that we all need to be wearing masks when we go to the grocery store. They old people not to wear the N95 mask. They don’t seem to consider that people like me who have re done real estate own them because they are also used in construction. I’m going to use what I already own. But just to be fun, I am having someone make a Lilly Pulitzer cotton mask and I can overlay that one. Dammit, we are going to make this fashionable. This is Palm Beach!

I also have plans to revive in fashion the while gloves. Why you ask? Because women will not touch their faces if they they wear white gloves. When my mask and gloves arrive, I will model them for you. Actually, I’ve ordered masks made in pink, blue and green because you know you have to wash them. Remember, I Create Memorable Experiences With Style.

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