What are we like in terms of COVID Numbers here?

12 Apr

In the three counties that comprise South Florida, this is what it currently shows on the Internet. Left column is cases, the right column in deaths.

Palm Beach County
Miami-Dade County
Broward County

The Sun Sentinel has an interactive map by zip code. Atlantis (where I live) is it’s own city in Palm Beach County. We’ve had zero cases within our city. I am a little surprised by that because there are residents who live in the city who are healthcare workers at JFK Hospital. JFK Hospital sits on our property. Hopefully, they will all continue to be well.

We are an unusual circumstance because we are a gated city and we’re private. While there are many private communities in South Florida, they don’t have their own government and police and fire departments as in the case of Atlantis.

I chatted with my doctor this week who told me that the highest cases around us were in Boca, West Palm and Palm Beach. She also told me that there is a finger stick test coming out in a week to test whether you have the antibodies.

My biggest issue right now is that we don’t know what to do about the RA and my RA went into high gear (also called a flare up) right after my neck procedure and right when they cutoff all my pathways to exercise (pool, golf, basketball, gym, etc.). I usually handle stress pretty well but your body can react and attack you during periods of stress. When it goes into high gear I end up with a bunch of sinus congestion (RA causes inflammation), pain in my joints and damage to my heart muscle (because you feel the pain there as well). RA is so misnamed. I have not been in remission for a very long time because we weren’t treating it. The medicine can be as bad as the disease. We were getting ready to treat it before all this happened. Now, there doesn’t appear to be a good answer either way.

I once got a shot of Botox and my RA just attacked me after that shot. It has it’s trigger points that’s for sure and you can never predict it.

Not having access to the pool is a major problem for me.

My doctor did tell me that that is one question the medical community really wants to know – are people with RA that is currently untreated in a better position to not get COVID-19 or are they more susceptible? They don’t currently know the answer to that question.

We’re curious to do the test to see if there are antibodies because some people get it and have no idea they’ve had it. She wants me to have a new conversation with my Rheumatologist about what to do.

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