The Most Interesting Thing You’ll Ever Read About Me – I’m Releasing the Business Plan

09 Apr

In 2017,  I was working on a large scale capital project (a theme park, resort, spa, campground and waterpark) that would have cost $750,000,000 by the time I was done. I shut the project down because there were too many problems with New Orleans.

I am releasing the 75 page business plan. I may opt to take this post down later, so read it while you can.

It would give you the greatest insight into what my mind is capable of producing. I wrote and created the whole thing – both the creative, the business and going after the financing. It was my project. I seriously doubt that I will ever do another theme park again. But you can definitely see where I took a big problem that existed in New Orleans and came up with some creative ways around problems.

People ask me all the time why I’ve never found the right guy to settle down with. I need someone who understands a mind like mine. Most people underestimate me and I’m looking for someone who doesn’t and appreciates what’s inside my head.

I often have the same problems in business where people underestimate my ability.

Read it while you can because I might alter or change this post or take it down.

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