How some businesses might change and adapt

08 Apr

I am a creative problem solver. I can look at a business problem and see a solution that no one will see. I’m a creative thinker.

In our current problem of Covid-19, I like to look at a business and think about how they can re-tool or reposition themselves for what might become a new normal for a while. I’m talking about an environment where we need to keep distance between people.

Yes, there are delivery services but delivery also brings another person in proximity to your home. The cardboard container needs to be disposed of and can be contaminated, etc. It brings problems to solve as well.

Let me give you an example of how two businesses could change and adapt. Take banks and pharmacies. Yes, we do online banking. But sometimes we need cash. Yes some pharmacies delivery, but sometimes we need that prescription now – today. I would take the buildings that these banks own and move the bank offices to the second floor. Most of the jobs that the bank administrators do can be done through teleconferences, email and digital signing. I would then take the first floor of the bank (reserving a couple of drive through teller slots for bankers) and I would take the remaining floor and at least half of the drive through teller spots and I would rent it out to a pharmacy. People could drive through the drive through and receive their prescriptions through the tube. No waiting in line. No exposure to sick people. All they have to do is wipe their hands after they receive the prescription.

That’s one way that two businesses could partner and retool to better serve people and stay in business. The pharmacies could sell sell drug store items but those items would be preordered online and picked up curbside.

People could do their banking and their pharmacy all in one trip.

States could pass regulations and ordinances that would allow it.

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