It was a good question…

04 Apr

And one that I’m not really sure they know the answer to. Here’s how I understand it (which may not be entirely correct).

The question was with RA, what’s the risk level for Coronavirus.

If people are taking medications for RA, it can put them at greater risk because those medications lower the immune system. People with RA have over active immune systems.

If you’re not treating the RA, I would think it would be better because you’re not lowering the immunity. On the downside, not treating RA can damage your body. I have also known people that have died from taking RA medications because it lowers the immunity and something ordinary that is going around can kill them.

I suppose I am my own test case. I have had RA for years and I don’t treat it. I can not remember the last time I was ever sick. In the 9 years I was a college professor, I took not one sick day even when then the flu went around my classrooms. I’ve been like this my whole adult life. However, people with untreated RA often have to put up with far more sinus and fluid problems because RA creates inflammation. It’s not contagious but it’s just something you know if you aren’t treating RA. I never had allergies until RA.

I treated it five years ago for 3 months, and the treatment did work. It fixed a problem in my left elbow. I am atypical with where it shows up and how it acts.

It’s interesting but the drug that may work best for treating Coronavirus is an RA medication – hydroxychloroquine.

It’s absolutely critical to someone with RA that they get exercise. I am vigilante about that.

But honestly, I have never seen a disease so misnamed as RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). People think that it’s just arthritis but it’s far more complicated than that.

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