Totally fed up with Palm Beach County Government

02 Apr

I would read the full post before reserving judgment.

I am really tired of stupid people. Right now I am referring to those in Palm Beach County Government who have made decisions that are not based in science and they think they know more than the CDC, which they don’t.

I know more about infectious disease than I care to know about. When I was 26, I was running a small hospital in Ohio. I reported directly to the CEO and was in the top five of management. All of my degrees are based in the sciences. 25 years ago, I was married to a doctor and we owned Urgent Care facilities. That requires that you have infectious disease training in order to be a hospital administrator.  And remember I have a high IQ, I should be thinking for myself and not someone else. That should always be rule number one. The stupid people cause problems.

Today, in the middle of COVID-19, I work from home. Florida is under a Stay in Place order. That order allows for outdoor exercise. Exercise is important not just for your physical health but for your mental health as well. And, exercise can be done by yourself.

But the Palm Beach County Government thinks they know more than the CDC. The CDC has a web page and correctly maintains that coronavirus cannot live in pool water. Chlorine is essentially bleach. The Coronavirus does not like heat. This is Florida and we have hot concrete. I live in a condo building that has 16 units. We own the pool. I was informed that the Sheriff’s office put the lock on our pool. Right now, at least half of this building is empty. Very rarely when COVID-19 was not going on was anyone ever at the pool when I go. You’ve seen photos.

I suggested, that new rules be made because the Coronavirus will be in our society for a while. I suggested the pool could be used but not the lawn furniture. No congregating. No socializing. Don’t touch the surfaces outside the pool. One person at time could use the pool. Get in to swim and get out. Swim at your own risk. And these Morons in their infinite wisdom don’t think that bleach water is safe. News flash – what do you think you’ve been disinfecting your house with? We should all be made to take a bath in bleach water. I suggested that those that violate the rules could be fined. Right now, our fine police force in Atlantis, doesn’t seem to be that busy. No one is allowed to leave their house. How busy could they be?

Atlantis is it’s own city and we are residents of Palm Beach county as well.  But Palm Beach County government is telling Atlantis what to do. I can see where these rules would pose a problem at the huge condo buildings in Palm Beach. We are not them and as such we don’t need the same rules we are the property owners of the pool.  I don’t think the county should be making our rules because they are making decisions that are not based on science and they are demonstrating to me that they don’t seem to get how this virus is really transmitted. I could have told you all along that there’s an airborne component and it’s transmitted from us breathing. This is not news to those of us who worked in hospitals. But if you are one person swimming in bleach water, I find it really difficult to envision that we would be spreading anything or contracting it.

I have atypical RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and right now that pool is the only access to therapy that I have. Big the big issue I have is who does Palm Beach think they are to go against what the CDC says? It’s a very bad idea to give county governments that kind of power. And in case you don’t understand the downfall of RA, it’s that our immune systems are too strong.

Some of the other things they have locked up have issues as well.

For example – they closed the golf courses. The golf courses could of had the same rules. Book online through a web site. Use your own cart or pull cart. One person at a time. No touching the pin. With the amount of chemical that are sprayed on a golf course and the hot Florida sun, I’m not worried about getting Cornavirus or spreading it from grass. Meanwhile, golf courses were struggling to begin with. And meanwhile, everyone thinks it’s perfectly ok for the lawn maintenance people to be out there 2-3 times a week and some of them have bare hands. I’ve been watching.

By keeping people in their homes 24 hours a day, the home will have more germs. It is a good idea to exercise and to get some sunlight. Vitamin D is good for the immune system.

They’ve also locked up the asphalt basketball court. If the rules are one person per half court at a time. How does someone get a virus from black asphalt in the hot Florida sun? I can see the concern over teenagers who lie to their parents and then tell a friend meet me there. Then give the key to the adult property owners and make them responsible. For adult use only. They pay for the court. Violators will be fined. Punish the stupid people, not the smart ones.

I like decisions that are based in science not fear. I like having the ability to take care of myself. Palm Beach County government is putting me in a position where the only thing I can do is walk, which does nothing for my elbows. I even have a friend who lives on the Island and they’ve limited when they can walk on the path. All of this is going too far. They should have been limiting what states people can come into Florida from. They should be limiting, what states you can be from in order to rent a vacation house. They should be making the pharmacies adopt delivery models. They should have made the non-essential businesses close sooner. I’ve known all this was coming since the second week of February. They had adequate time to respond.

But now, they are making a difficult situation worse on a lot of people.

Going to Publix is a far bigger health hazard than any of the above mentioned items.

I can tell you that I fully intend to vote some people out of office. And if the situation goes on long enough then Palm Beach County should pay for the quarterly dues that we pay for these facilities every month. Why should we pay for something we cannot use? Particularly when it’s against what the CDC says. Private property should be private in America because public officials have no idea what’s going on in private property.

I do not believe and science does not support that the above mentioned activities with those rules would either spread the Coronavirus or put me at risk. The way to contain it is through social distancing and staying out of groups. People are what spreads this thing. All of the above rules are by yourself. One size does not fit all for Palm Beach County. I work from home and live by myself.

It’s so infuriating to see photos of people in New York who went down to greet the hospital ship and they are standing in crowds and law enforcement fined no one. That’s how this stuff spreads. Not by me, swimming by myself.

Intelligent decisions are not being made.

If you want to read what the CDC says, and it’s accurate:

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