The CDC says swimming pools are safe…

30 Mar

Because of the chorine, swimming pools kills the Coronavirus.

I wanted to start swimming again since we are in a Shelter in Place order in Palm Beach County. You are allowed to exercise outside.

So my thought was, walk out the door with just the bathing suit and flip flops and avoid touching any surfaces. Then immediately shower (at home of course) and turn the heat lamps on in the bathroom. Create as much steam as possible.

The pool and cabana house is just at the end of the building. Basically, each building has their own pool. We have 16 units in a building. Much of the building is vacant since we have so many people from Canada that own them as vacation properties.

So I went and swam it was terrific. The one upside of this whole deal is that friends in other places are getting to see how I actually live :) .

I snapped a few photos for you tonight. Here’s the Cabana house and grills and below is the pool. It has a golf course and lake view as well. It was a fantastic swim. I plan to do much more of that now that I am working from home. I like to swim at night since I am a fair skinned blonde.

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