Trees in Atlantis and My Favorite Course

29 Mar

Since we have a Shelter in Place order, there isn’t much we can do outside except for walk or swim. So today I will take you on a walking tour of some of the more interesting trees along the way and a few shots of my favorite golf course.

Atlantis is it’s own city with 2000 people in Palm Beach County, FL and home to four golf courses and the PGA. Which by the way, are all closed right now.

This is my very favorite course. I live on a private course (in my backyard) and a lake, but this course is the course if you walk out my front door and right across the street.

And I thought as I do my walk, I would snap some shots of some of our really interesting trees.

I bought into this neighborhood because it reminded me of a neighborhood up North where I bought the third house I owned. The neighborhood was called North Hills. There was something about Atlantis that just reminded me of it but it many ways was better. I owned a huge house up North but I said “Never again” after I sold it. I swore that I would stick to condos so I could have more free time.

Atlantis is home to every thing from condos to multi million dollar homes.

You’ve seen the pictures of the inside of my condo from where I gutted it and redesigned it. I have a 2/2. This is what the building looks like on the outside if I stand across the lake and shoot a photo. There are only 16 units in a building. My building is the grey one. Each building is it’s own HOA. If you look all the way to the right on the grey buildings and first floor corner unit, that’s me. The unit next to me (on the inside) has been vacant for years and our ceilings are firewall concrete so I never hear anyone. The story with the unit next door is that it was redone, but not by a designer and people don’t want it at that price. They made very bad decisions in that unit. It was purchased by a little old lady and she died. It’s been for sale ever since. It needs to be redone properly. But I am happy it is vacant. It looks nothing like what I did, that’s for sure.

I’ve never felt like I live in a condo. I have windows in every room and I never hear anyone. The building is only 3 stories. I have covered parking, 20 feet from my front door. Half of the building is owned by people who live outside of the country and just visit for a few months. So it’s nice a quiet. Our pool and cabana house, is on the lake and golf course and is only for use by the building. I love it here.

We also have tennis, basketball and recreation buildings for parties and a Country Club. JFK Hospital sits on our property. In the event of a hurricane, my home is on the hospital’s electrical grid. That means that I would get powered restored first. Hospitals are always given priority.

I feel like I get to live in a little piece of Paradise. If you’re going to be stuck somewhere, this is a great place to be stuck.

No two houses are alike in Atlantis, just like North Hills. There is one that really intrigues me. It’s a modern house (perhaps mid-century modern) and it’s tucked away. But every time I look at a house like that I think, “Just remember how much work that is – let it be someone else’s work. A house like that is too much for one person.” The house I had in North Hills sat on a 1/2 acre of land.

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