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28 Mar

Palm Beach just issued a Shelter in Place order. I live in Atlantis, so we have our own government. However, when county wide orders are issued, we are Palm Beach County. There are 4 golf courses in Atlantis. When the county of Palm Beach ordered the golf courses to close, they did close the Atlantis courses.

So I am now free to walk around my home in my underwear or nightgown. No one ever hits a ball near my home. They always go the other way into the water.

Even with a Shelter in Place order, we are still free to exercise outside (meaning walk). They closed all the courts (tennis and basketball). I have been contemplating about whether I should get into the pool for a swim. But tonight I am walking. Today is Saturday, so I cleaned of course.

Atlantis has some extraordinary trees. I was thinking about snapping photos of some of my favorite trees. I mean these are really interesting.

In all this craziness, I thought of an old remedy that someone once taught me. I didn’t think it would work but it did. Here’s the story. I used to have a client in the jewelry business. That business was originally started by Pius Kaufmann from Switzerland and this remedy is actually his advice.

I was starting to get a sore throat. It’s a rare, rare day when I get sick because I have an overly strong immune system, that is also to my detriment at times. But I was actually getting a sore throat. He said I should take a shot of Gin and put as much into my mouth as I could and tilt my head back for a full minute. I did. The next day all the skin in my mouth started blistering and peeling off. It was painful. Gin kills everything and I mean everything. Aside from my mouth being painful for four days, I did not get sick.

I wouldn’t have believed this remedy unless I tried it. I love Gin and tonic, but you can’t dilute the gin when you sanitize your mouth. And you have to hold it. And just know that the skin will peel off and blister but I bet it killed every bit of bacteria. Gin is 80 proof alcohol.

It’s an old remedy. Pius is in his 90s and has sworn by this his whole life.

I’m going to do some reading tonight and I might have dinner and cocktails on the patio when the sun starts to go down. That was really nice the other evening.

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