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27 Mar

If you’ve been reading the blog, then you know I traded my primary luxury goods client for a Medicare business right about October 1. It was a strategic move. What I do for a living is to make web sites, animation, e-commerce, social media, social media advertising, PPC, emailĀ  marketing, videos, servers, push traffic etc. etc. And as you might know, this has been my profession for years, and years and years.

And now is the time to push this company forward because no one is being booted from Medicare. We were originally booted from a local television commercial scheduled to run on Fox News in Phoenix when the Coronavirus broke. So now rather than testing two commercials, we’re going with my gut instinct and small Internet test and in April, one of the commercials is going to run in 73 markets in the United States on Fox News. That test will run for 10 days. I am still wondering if you can get conversion on this kind of product through television. But I also recognize that right now, people are glued to the TV and the computer. I specifically held out for Fox News because of their aging demographic. Medicare however, is not just for people over the age of 65.

I pitched a story to the New York Times a few weeks ago, they took the idea and readapted the content to be bigger companies. However, they screwed up and labeled the article under “retirement.” People forget that Medicare encompasses anyone under the age of 65 who is on disability. I sent them a note. Medicare covers a huge range of ages.

Next week I will power up the email marketing. I have been on the disbursement list for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Centers for Disease Control and the EPA. We are like one of their news outlets. They push releases, then I push content as a service. I make sure it ends up in places where people can see it. I am finding that the content we are pushing is useful to people right now. For every item that gets pushed to social, there are also web pages to make. There are ad campaigns to make and presentations to make. Work is hoping right now.
My job in a crisis has been to find and disseminate crucial information. It is keeping me very busy. I am working completely from home and have been for at least a week. My social life has become text and phone conversations. We trade a lot of funnies back and forth.

If you need to get recent updates on COVID-19 you can find some of the stuff I’m pushing under

and many other channels on the web.

There’s a really interesting post that is scheduled to run tomorrow that is a list that EPA just released on what cleaners will kill the COVID-19 virus. So if you are looking under your kitchen sink and wondering, you can check this list.

All the people who were working who were at age 65 and just got laid off, they are now eligible for Medicare Part B. Part of my challenge will be to find ways to let them know that piece of information.

Long term readers know that I started my executive career in what’s called The Chemical Valley, 30 years ago. Did you ever think that they would be the thing to save you? As anti-chemical as we’ve become, everyone is reaching for it now. I guess those of us who paid the dues and the price to build that valley feel somewhat better right now that it is at last, of use. It wasn’t for nothing, in other words. We technically consider the Chemical Valley to start at Marietta, Ohio and run to Charleston, WV.

Every major chemical company that you can think of resides there. It’s also why so many of us grew up with good math and science foundations – our dads were engineers. Mine worked for of the largest aluminum manufacturers as an electrical and mechanical engineer. My step-father had a doctorate and worked in the medical field. The people I went to school with grew to run Dupont or were like me and went to work for a GE company. That region had nothing but chemical companies, plastics companies, aluminum companies, oil refineries and gasoline manufacturers – A boatload of engineers basically.

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