It was so much fun…

26 Mar

I went and played ball yesterday and it was so much fun.

But you know outdoor courts are filthy places. I hope the hot Florida sun kills all the bacteria. So these were my rules. No touching the face. Obviously. I took bleach wipes and wiped the ball down when I was done. When I got home, all my clothes , shoes and bag went into the laundry and I went into the shower.

Then the ball got a bath in Mr. Clean. Then I wiped down all the doorknobs.

But in terms of the fun factor. I had a blast. I am looking forward to going again. Although I was rusty, I was not nearly as bad as I actually thought I would be. And yes, my neck ached a little last night. But now is the time to do something like this. I just had the nerves in two more vertebra killed so right now I feel like I can do these things. I don’t really care whether I am suppose to or not. I mean that in terms of my neck. I treat it so I can do things in life. I want to enjoy my life.

As long as I can shoot a basketball, why not. It’s something that is good for my soul. Always has been.

I’m walking tonight.

You know I don’t understand these people who say now that they are working from home they don’t do their hair or their makeup. I always do my hair and my makeup. I look forward to making an improvement on my look each day. Part of the fun is to play with the colors. I love picking out the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup – the whole 9 yards. I will say, now that I am working from home, I am living in my cute yoga and golf clothes. But that’s as slouchy as I will get.

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