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17 Mar

By now, you probably know that I have a very strong background in marketing, computer science and design. I’ve worked 30 years and I’m as expert as they ever come.

I have been a web developer for over 15 years and I own two of the most recognizable agencies in multiple states in the U.S. I own Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development. Many clients are not listed in the galleries, just a few. I don’t push content and traffic to my companies, I push them to my clients companies that’s been the case for the past 3 years.  If someone wanted to see an example, I’d send them a link to a company that’s requested the most work. Then they can see a difference and they can see what number one rank really means.

You will need to do what my clients have done for years. At the top of that list is to have an e-commerce site developed if you don’t already have one. Even if you have a business that you thought didn’t lend itself, consider it. Let’s say you provide a service. Can that service be sold behind a paywall with video or via teleconferencing?

If you have an e-commerce site but you had the type of product that is a luxury product or difficult to sell, you will need more video on that site. Even if people have great sums of money to spend on your product, odds are they don’t want to show up in your retail establishment. If your SEO is not coded correctly, all of that will be pointless. If you manufacturer a product, you will need to sell on Amazon. I actually recommend multiple selling channels. Amazon is adding 100,000 jobs immediately. I’ve sold on Amazon for clients. The toughest thing you’ll ever have to do is to apply for brand registry status. That’s the biggest hurdle that you have because there process is a pain. It will cost you money to sell on Amazon. You need to get real about your product before you try and sell. If you are not price competitive, it’s not a good channel for you. Amazon revolves around two things – search and price.

The photos and the descriptions that you use are crucial. And now you understand why photography is one of my strong suits. Make sure that you develop all this on the right kind of server with someone who’s an expert like myself choosing the company and the server. The wrong server can bury you. You need to have a developer who knows how to take over the number one rank spot on Google. I couldn’t possibly exist for my clients if I wasn’t able to do that for them. Obtaining number one rank is something that takes a consistent effort. It’s not something that you pay someone for in terms of a day, a week or a month. It takes a long term relationship with that developer. If they really know what they are doing, they can take you from zero to number 1 in 2 months. Right now that’s how long it usually takes the algorithms to register everything you’ve done.

Do not outsource this to a foreign country. You will end up regretting it and in many cases it will cost you more. I built the reputation that I have because I do not outsource. I opened my businesses in 2012. Through the years, that has been one of the things that companies most like about my work. It’s not outsourced. It’s also very, very fast because people who know their stuff are fast. Select a strong writer with credentials. The visuals and the words are important. You can have all the computer science in the world but if the visuals and the words aren’t right, it’s likely to fail. At the same time, you can’t hire a content person as a developer. They need a real background in this space.

If you are currently operating with a web site that is not HTML 5.0 replace it immediately. All of my companies sites are HTML 5.o. This one is not because this is a personal blog on a really old server. HTML 5.0 allows you to have mobile friendly sites. Most e-commerce is done on mobile devices. You’ll need to invest in email marketing and SMS as well as online advertising and social media.

In terms of your employees, they are probably going to work from home. If employees have to be trained, you’ll need someone to set up an online educational portal that has videos on how to do the things you need done in your company. You’ll also need a robust email package because people will be sending more documents and attachments in this new economy. If you may also want to make more videos that promote your business.

This is not an ad for me, this is advice for what you have to do to save your business and adapt to a changing world.

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