What a week…

12 Mar

I have a friend who’s a trader. I might need to call her this weekend and ask if she needs to drown any sorrows in a bottle of wine with me.

I got to the point where I said, “Oh, looking at the stock market news is awful. I can’t bear it.”

And then I realized what a pun that was today.

I am having to retool some of my strategies for growth on the Internet and with advertising for the business I am working with. The coronavirus has just unbalanced every existing strategy that I was using before. It’s a lot more of an uphill battle right now. I’ve represented a lot of brands in my day. I am mentally running through all the past play books. One I think comes closer than the others.

I have allergies to dust. I keep my house spotless. I have zero carpeting. I renovated everything. I am a neat freak. But I am working with a group of people in an office that has the nastiest, dustiest carpeting and allergies are a consistent problem in that office. They were driving me crazy today. And I got impatient because my sinuses were congested and  I took a bunch of sinus medication. It pushed my blood pressure through the roof and gave me a whooping headache. I knew exactly what caused it.

I also knew, this is not coronavirus, this is allergies. Old construction and old carpeting bother them.

Lucky for me, I had ordered a facial steamer and it was waiting for me when I got home. If you have a sinus headache, a facial steamer will help it. I did a facial and took a steaming hot shower and I feel much better. I am sipping on a cup of that orange herbal tea.

I am meeting a friend after work tomorrow and I am a little reticent about the idea of public places right now. I guess I’m carrying the antibacterial wipes with me.

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