I knew this was coming…

10 Mar

I knew this was coming. Even at that, I hate to see it happen.

And if you’ve been reading then you know I did tell some friends in advance.

It’s not going to be a fun year in business.

I headed out of the luxury goods space in October because I had an indicator that I should get out of that space for a while. And that’s why I bet on Medicare for a while. I thought they stood the best chance of being able to withstand a recession. But there are always investments and finances of a company like that which are tied in someway to financial markets.

That’s the big question mark right now.

I can tell you that this does make my job a lot harder to achieve the goals we need to achieve. I am already thinking about reworking some strategies. I’m going to have to really think about where to take this.


You want more explanation on the above?

I opened my original businesses years ago during the recession. So in representing many different businesses, you know about the challenges they face. If you are planning for a recession, then you know that people can live without a new diamonds or yacht if suddenly their businesses or their stocks are hemorrhaging money. But Medicare are people over 65 and those under 65 on disability. In a recession, they’ll still have it.

So that becomes a business that I want to represent. My business has always been doing things like web sites, social media, marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, advertising, etc. I just choose in October to switch the markets I am representing.

Let me also say this – I am reluctantly changing my patterns of behavior. I’m not going to the gym any more. I’ve given that up for long walks in the neighborhood, yoga at home and swimming in the pool. And I am making it a bigger priority to get more rest. I’m carrying a jar of wipes in my briefcase. Life will be different for a while.

I think I actually dropped luxury goods on September 27 and started on a Medicare business as a client on September 30th.

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