What a crazy week…

05 Mar

Where do I start?

First you have the stock market.

Then I can tell you that the web numbers are starting to rebound on sites. That tells me that this is not a repeat of 2007-2008. Not yet.

But my television is tanking. In an election year and during a virus outbreak, it’s a bad time to run television commercials.

Then I have meetings with four partners and all they do is fight. I finally had to say to one of them, “This is not leadership. This is pointless. This isn’t how you get people to follow you. I need them to stop fighting.” They are adding some unneeded stress to my life. I don’t like negative, attacking attitudes. They will never agree on certain things.

Then Jack Welch died and it makes me think back to a time in business that I wish I could revisit.

Then, I really don’t know what to make of this – I’ve never been a person to ever have the same dream twice. But last night, I had a dream I had had before. And it really bothers me. I woke up with a major headache. This is now a reoccurring dream and I’ve never had that happen. The dream is that I’m flying a plane and I can’t keep the altitude up. I finally get the plane back up and then it drops down like a roller coaster. I get it to climb again, only for it to go down again. I don’t crash the plane in my dream but it’s an endless cycle of fighting this plane and I don’t know what’s wrong with the plane. Why do I keep having this dream and why now?

This whole week has been crazy.

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