The Coronavirus is screwing up so much stuff….

29 Feb

Well the commercials I have planned for Dallas and Houston will launch tomorrow. They will probably not air on the news channels.

We have no idea when we can get onto the news channels now that this has happen. My rep told me, “They broadcast for 45 minutes last night without airing a single national advertiser.” And of course, we aren’t considered a national advertiser. This is a test so we bought cities.

I have a really good friend who’s a trader. I told her what I learned yesterday. She asked me what to do last night. I said, “Submit the sell order for everything and don’t wait until this morning. Do it now.”

She did and she thanked me this morning.

I don’t like what’s coming but I know it’s coming. When hysteria takes over markets. This time at least, I think I am with a client that won’t be impacted. The last client will definitely be impacted. This might put them out of business.

I’m just sorry this is messing up the ad campaign plans. We’re on standby.

I think back to building Hard Rock Park and the collapse in 2008 and the damage it did. I really don’t want to go through this again. I’m not kidding when I say it took 3 years before people understood that it wasn’t our fault. Losing money in 2008 was bad enough but getting personally blamed for losing $600 million was not a fun experience.

I lost a fair amount of money on the New Orleans project but I’m glad I pulled out. Otherwise, I would have ended up like the mess with the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans. And if people had been reading what I wrote all along, they knew there were problems I couldn’t tolerate. This was the latest on their saga with New Orleans. I am so sorry for Hard Rock. I’m not sure if you can understand unless you’ve done business in New Orleans just how bad the business culture is in that city.I’ve been there and lost a lot of money on a capital project (Verve). It’s frustrating and unexpected when people tell you things about engineering and they turn out to be blatant lies.

It was a hard day when I decided that the ONLY thing to do was to eat the money and get out. And for years, I’ve told myself, “It’s only money. You’ll make more. This could have been worse.”

I hate to be negative but I have never encountered such untrustworthy, incompetent people. That’s when I realized how vastly different the states are in the U.S. We might as well be foreign countries if you put Florida next to Louisiana. The business cultures are so different, it’s incredible. I can’t tolerate dishonesty especially when people’s safety is at sake.

They still have never listened to what I even told them about the original Jazzland property, “Quit trying to market this to theme park developers like there’s some chance any of this equipment can be rehabbed. It can’t. You’ll kill somebody. It’s corroded from the inside out.” I went through the snake and alligator infested property with a city official. Even though they say they will never take anyone on the property. They do. I bought steel toed boots and gloves just for the occasion. I can’t believe they haven’t torn it down. I immediately looked at land elsewhere. Even though I planned, I still couldn’t find anything really fit to build on. Then I couldn’t get truly qualified engineers without brining in a company in from out of state. More money. But it was the blatant lies about how they fixed the drainage system in New Orleans. Then with a hard rain, I had THREE FEET of WATER. They fixed nothing. Incompetent.

They wouldn’t let me take any photos because they want to be able to deny that they’ve let anyone on the property. You would not believe the mess on that property. It has been so looted and so destroyed by both hurricane and vandals. And the swamp creatures have taken over.

My favorite restaurant in New Orleans was Brusards. I remember sitting there at dinner with my mother who had flown out from South Carolina. I told her, “I’m closing the project down and here’s the keys to my car. I need you to drive it back to Florida. I’m going back to Palm Beach county. I’m just going to take the losses.”

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