The last 24 hours…

27 Feb

The last 24 hours have been awful.

I’m not getting my television commercial campaigns in Phoenix. Fox News booted anyone who wasn’t a national advertiser because they are expanding their coverage of the Coronavirus. This screws up my whole A/B test. We were buying time on Fox because of the age demographic of the audience.

Then I sat in a meeting and if what I heard is true, we are about to get seriously dinged in the economy. I’m saying anything about what it is until it that knowledge would become validated and public.

Then last night my personal life got turned upside down because it turns out I was right, he did go out with another woman and lie to me about it. He actually admitted it. So we’ve ended that relationship. I do not date men that go out with other women.

Does anyone else have any bad news for me that I should know about?

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