The commercials we’re testing…

26 Feb

I am getting ready to A/B test two commercials.

On Linear Television, there will be a 12 day schedule that begins on March 1 for Phoenix. One commercial will run on cable and one will run on Satellite. The phone numbers will be different in those commercials in order to track where the lead came from.

On the digital systems, one commercial will be shown in Dallas and one in Houston for a 1 month period. In that system, the commercial will follow the user around based upon their viewing habits. The commercials will only be show to people who are on Medicare. So there are six phone numbers for the television commercials that will be tracked.

These are the two commercials that were made for this test. This version of the commercial has the web site phone number and will be used on their web site in the next few days. I’ve got changes to make to pages before they go live.

Here is commercial one –

And here is commercial two –

In the digital system, I will also be able to determine which message works best with males or females.

This was the company where I drastically changed their search rankings and the web traffic and is accelerating at a steady speed. We’re picking up speed with this company. We had a 250% growth in traffic in just the last month alone. My goal is to always to continue to push those numbers higher each month. Usually, with a client where I am driving growth and traffic, I can continue to push it forward every month.

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