Loyalty & Integrity

26 Feb

You have no idea how important those qualities are to me.

It can be very challenging, to say the least, to find a man who has those qualities. I’ve had some very bad, personal experience with men who lie directly to my face and then. in reality, are doing something very different. They always think they won’t get caught. But inevitably the truth comes to light. Maybe it’s that they really don’t care or maybe they just think I am stupid – who knows.

My gut instinct and intuition is extraordinary. It’s actually one of my strongest characteristics.

I’ve got a very bad feeling that someone has not been honest with me and I’m having a difficult time shaking that feeling. That stuff hurts when someone tries to get close to you and then engages in it. I try to avoid it at all costs. I have learned some serious lessons in the past. I already know that it’s not good for me to repeat those lessons.


In other news of the day – getting a good night sleep did help my neck after the diagnostic. I am sure you can imagine if you got some raw, painful nerves and someone sticks a needle into it. It will take a few days to calm down. I can’t wait for St. Patrick’s day. That will be a good day for me.

Even though it’s still bothering me somewhat, I think I do want to try to go to the gym tonight. It will make a late night.

In planning the schedule for those television commercials in Phoenix, Dallas and Houston – the launch date is March 1 now for Phoenix and this Saturday for Houston and Dallas. This is going to be a very, very, interesting test. For the next month, I will hover over data panels and people as I listen for the calls to come in. Someone I work with laughed when I said today, “I am about to turn into Mother Hover.” Here she comes. You’ll see. I need to be all over this.

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