I’ve got wishful thinking going on…

23 Feb

I went to the gym and then came home and did an hour long glorious walk through Atlantis. No two houses are alike. There is nothing cookie cutter about Atlantis. It was such a gorgeous day.

I have a another neck diagnostic tomorrow. We are going to do 2 more vertebra coming up.

As I was out walking, I decided if the next neck procedure goes well, I am going to buy myself a basketball and shoot again. We have a court in Atlantis.

Wouldn’t that be fun? A little HORSE?

I just had to explain the game to someone. They didn’t know about the game of HORSE in basketball. I laughed when I was asked if it’s an Ohio thing. I don’t think it came from Ohio. But it’s a fun game.

If you don’t know the game, this explanation will help

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