What a day…but there’s good news…

13 Feb

At least I am hoping it all works out that way…

I got fast tracked into a doctor to look at my elbow and my RA. I haven’t been treated since 2017. I’ve done my own plan on my own of workouts, folic acid, b12, plus orange juice every day, and my last resort was Naperson.

I have no stomach lining left.

He told me that he thought it was going to turn out that I am A-Typical. My joints do not look like joints that haven’t been treated in 3 years. We talked about my left elbow and what happened 3 years ago and I got treated for 4 months and went off the medications when I felt like it was cured. That elbow has never bothered me again. RA is symmetrical and now it’s the right and right wrist. Some swelling in both hands.

Given what I do for a living, having a problem with your hands and your elbows is a problem.

There’s actually a chance that I might just have to do a biologic for 3-4 months and I can quit again. He told me I was doing such a good job of managing this with what I was doing. Except for the Naperson of course. The idea behind treating it for 3-4 months would be so we can ditch the Naperson, which led to the stomach problems. So we might be able to fix the stomach and the right elbow. That’s great news. Perfect.

They fast tracked me for x-rays this evening and we’ll see what they say after those. In the meantime, I hated doing it but they put a big shot of Cortizone into the elbow.

And now the other news…

I was approached about purchasing something for Florida Web Development. The backstory on this is that I own and when it came time for Florida, someone held the domain name hostage so I didn’t acquire the .com for that one. Florida is parked on (notice not the .com). I am not pushing traffic to my own properties because I have enough work right now. That’s why the rankings aren’t higher than they could be – I don’t have a reason to push them higher.

But someone contacted me and offered me And I bought it. I felt like I was paying too much.

The dilemma for me will be do I change Florida Web Development to Florida Web Developer or do I spin it up as another arm of the brands. Unless my income doesn’t increase from the current source, I don’t have a reason to try to launch it. If I don’t see what I need to see in numbers in 30-60 days, then I have to give thought to it.

I don’t know what that answer is right now, but I bought it. The records will transfer in the next couple of days.

As for the client that I took on a few months ago that nobody had ever heard of – they now fully own their name on Google. It’s gratifying to take a company and shoot it to the top of it’s rankings. Traffic is growing very well on that site. I continue to add on to things that people don’t even see from the outside. In Phoenix, Dallas and Houston beginning on Feb. 29th, we’re getting ready to run 2 commercials (an A/B test) in all three markets for two weeks. Those commercials will be appearing on Fox News. In other digital television systems they will follow the user based on their channel. These are lead gen commercials.

What people don’t see if that there are two of us running lead gen via the Internet and Media that fuels this business. I say, because there’s only 2 of us who know how to technically make the whole thing. We are actively driving a lot of traffic and advertising. Other people give opinions into what we’re doing but they don’t make the stuff. Our lead gen efforts now fund 100 employees and multiple call centers. It’s a very fast pace. If I didn’t have game, I could not do this job. But I have game.

When I met Chappy he was thinking that he found his right hand. He had written this industry specific CRM that the call centers flowed into. I told him, “I think you’ve got it wrong. It’s not a left hand-right thing. It’s a front end – back end duo. Your CRM is the backend. I can build a mother of a front end that will drive traffic and power into that back end.”

And that’s what happened and it’s working. Welcome to lead gen on another level. Now let’s become the Conversion King and Queen.

As for the client I dropped a few months ago, well their Internet reputation is going back to the toilet. If you don’t continue to put the right work into it, it fails. And if people have skeletons in their closet – they come back to the surface. That’s how this game works.

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