I’m going to fire them all…

12 Feb

My mother. My best friend. The guy I am going out with…

They’ve all shot iphone photos of me in the past year and they are all terrible. I know I need a little work but I don’t need that much work.

I’ve shot a lot of models in my day and I’ve made a lot of people look better in photos than in person. The people around me however, are managing to take this in the opposite direction.

Therefore, I am going to give some free photography lessons. Those unwilling to learn will simply be banned from taking any future photos. “No pictures, please.”

I am also thinking about getting a professional shoot done again just so they might realize the difference.

I love you all but you’re killing my self esteem.

You’ve been demoted to photography assistant.

To prove it, I’ll shoot my own iphone shots on Saturday after I get ready to go to dinner. Black sparkly dress…you’ll see.

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