Today was a reality check…

06 Feb

It was a reality check on more than one issue.

The first issue was my home. I bought it two years ago and I fully renovated it. I did the design work. There were several reasons why I needed to see what an appraiser would put on the property.

The appraisal was almost dead on where I thought it would arrive. It was within 3 thousand of where I thought it would fall. In two years, the property has had an increase in value of 34% due to the redesign. However, I am now the one setting the top of the market for these properties in my neighborhood. It doesn’t appear that anyone took it as far as I did. What the appraisal showed was that the property is worth the money I put into it. It also tells me, don’t put anymore major money into the property or you will not see that return in value. Which is exactly what I suspected.

And it also tells me that Palm Beach’s increase of 24% on my property tax value was within the range. I seriously hope that the newly acquired Homestead Exemption caps that increase for the future.

That was the first reality check. By the way – congratulations to myself for a job well done on the redesign. That’s actually a great number for an investment. And sorry, but you have to pay more now because you bought it to live in, not flip.

Realty check number 2. I got chewed out (and rightly so) by my doctor. It’s been 3 years since I’ve treated my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most people don’t even know that I have RA. The injuries that I sustained recently from working on my house, are not the result of an injury. The injuries wouldn’t have happened if there was not joint damage present. I was chewed out about the fact that it’s a serious disease and I need to quit sticking my head in the sand and deal with it.

She said, “I hate to tell you this but your on par with a major illness like Cancer but you need to treat it that way.” She explained to me that the federal government sees it the same under the Federal Family Leave Act (which I don’t think applies to me but this was the first time anyone put it to me this way). As far as I’m concerned, the disease is so misnamed.

I quit going for several reasons. The medication they were using is also used for Chemo. I lost so much hair, it dinged my energy and I was nausea. No one noticed at the time because I was in New Orleans to build that theme park I had planned. I churred out so much work so fast, no one noticed. I always manage to push myself.  Then because they have to draw your blood all the time, this became an issue.

So she wants me to find an RA doctor who can draw the blood in their office while I am there and we won’t use the medication we used last time. I absolutely refuse to take anything that will make my hair fall out. I’m done with that. No one notices, but I do.  This time we’ll try a biologic. I hate the thought of even trying this but I really have no choice. So this weekend, I will look for a new doctor. So if they have a medication without that side effect, if they can draw my blood on site, then I’ll try it again.

She asked me, “Does anyone you work know that you have RA?”

“Not really. And I seriously doubt that anyone would care or even understand what it is. ”

She said, “You need to disappear for two hours every month to go see the doctor and get the blood drawn. You have to make room in your schedule for this.” It was put in no uncertain terms to me that if the disease progresses and you’re not treating it, you can’t undo the damage. And guess what, there’s the problem with the right elbow, which actually I knew that.

That’s true about treating the disease but then you have people like Glenn Frey from the Eagles who died from complications from his RA treatment. There are risks in treating the disease as well. I never have to worry about being sick. If you start treating it, you do have to start worrying about that and avoid situations where you can get sick.

So that was reality check number 2.

I don’t want to deal with this but I guess I have to do it. Some people get the disease young. And I was one of them. I hate it. I always have. But I’m such a high energy, high producing person that people don’t notice or know. My output is ridiculously high.


I spend my whole life behind a computer or a camera but do you remember when I had the client who insisted on using me as a model? It always made me cringe. The day I modeled the 17 CT Diamond, my hands were starting to swell. I hadn’t even had time to use hand cream for a week, which makes a huge difference in the appearance of your hands. That video makes me cringe. I was drafted into modeling. I started on one side of the camera and involuntarily ended up on the other side. Do you remember this?

Click here to see the video of a 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond.

But the bottom line was that you are only going to put a diamond that big on someone’s hand who can be trusted. I get it.

We weren’t the Kay Jewelers of the world.

This was the post from back then

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