Did you see it? They’re learning…

03 Feb

I couldn’t stop laughing over the commercial because we had a very similar scene in real life. We had like a 100 Porsches or more at a winery. I was in Porsche Club of America and we all met for dinner. Then afterwards we raced out of there until we got to the spot and everybody relayed the message, “Slow down here because here’s where the cop sits.” And it was laughable how slow we passed the police car. And a little further down the road we just opened them up on the highway. We knew where the police car was because I had a state police grade radar under my dash. That thing was accurate miles away.

But what did I say for years? Rip that dash out and put more tech in. I actually did it with what I could with the one I had. And I said, “I would like it better if it were my color (which is aqua). They are getting warmer but there needs to be a little more green mixed with the blue. It’s close.

The dash is definitely more what I was aiming for in tech features. And they are close to getting the color right.

I like it. I’m not spending $103,000 on a car this year but I like it.

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