A plane almost hit the building…

21 Jan

I’m tired because I was woken up at twenty til four this morning by the sounds of the engine of approaching plane. One of the reasons I live in Atlantis is because I like to fly small aircraft and the private airport is just right outside the gate. People pay a lot of money to live in fly in communities. I don’t need one of those because it’s so close. So are the golf courses, so is the park and the beach is 10 minutes away. It has everything I ever want.

But some moron really misjudged things last night. I heard the engine getting closer, and closer and closer. I kept saying to myself, “Ok Buddy. Pull up. Pull up. I should not be hearing this.”

And it got closer and closer. I finally got ready to dive out of bed and head under it. He probably came within feet of the building it was so close.

I thought, “He thinks Congress Avenue is a runway. That’s not the landing strip. He’s either too tired or too old to be flying.”

We had one last year that didn’t make it to the airport and crashed across the street. Chalk it up to, “It happens.”

He came so close it scared me. So I never got back to sleep after that.

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