She asked a good question…

17 Jan

My mother asked me, “Didn’t hitting all those golf balls hurt your neck?”

I feel it in four months but not now. Here’s why. I just had my neck procedure done. In the past we’ve done it once a year. Now we’re going to do it twice a year. They kill some of the nerves that go from my vertebra down into my shoulder.

I just had it done about a month ago. So right now, I don’t exact feel what I’m doing. That’s why doctors get upset when they find out I did golf.

What I have found is that I will start to feel it anywhere from 4-6 months later. And now we’re repeating the procedure at the six month mark.

This is the game I play in order to be able to do normal things, like golf.

I’ve had it done so many times and I know it so well, I can predict it.

Yes, my neck hurt some after hitting all those balls but not like if we hadn’t just killed the nerves. The problem with nerves is that they do grow back. Hence, why we repeat this all the time.

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