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16 Jan

We have an absolute moron who’s part of my condo association that still didn’t seem to get the message even after law enforcement talked to him a few years ago.

This is as much of the backstory as I’ll tell you. I had a client who directed me to broker a deal for a multi million dollar piece of luxury goods. The problem started with who they wanted me to take over discussions with. There were two separate deals in two different countries. Both countries are in the Middle East and one of the deals was with someone who was very high ranking but a middle man was involved. The other deal was just questionable characters.

I never thought any of this was a good idea. Nonetheless, I took over the discussions and the negotiations. These people treated me as an American woman so disrespectfully and in a down right hostile manner. I really did not want to do business with them. At one point I was even asked to fly there and the destination was behind a no fly zone. I finally kind of put my foot down and told the client, “Look, no amount of money is worth putting ourselves in a very bad position. I do not like how we’re being treated or the things we are being asked to do. I don’t want to do business with them.”

Some of these negotiations had gone on for months. It was clear to me that we never should have gotten into this in the first place. I checked some sources for the background on one of the parties involved and the results turned up known connections to terrorism. But I think all my client could see was dollars. To make a long story short. We walked away. But it was not without the feeling that someone had sold my safety for greed. Because some parties were very unhappy with the fact we wouldn’t meet their terms.

It wasn’t long after when the first crime occurred. A break-in ensued and a laptop and a set of keys were taken. Nothing of value was stolen. Just keys and laptop that was obviously worth nothing except for data and the contacts of correspondence. The break in occurred at my client’s home. Because the keys were taken and that looked suspicious, I had all the locks on my home changed to the highest level security locks.

This has been years ago now. That case was never solved.

I had a friend at the time who knew about the deal I tried to broker and how I felt about it.

Some time passed and then I became the target of a crime. Again nothing was taken. I was obviously the target. A weapon was used. I was injured but no clear motivation was present. Their plan was foiled because they didn’t get the outcome they were looking for. The person ended up being a total bonehead.

A crime scene was declared and my person effects were taken and sent away to be analyzed. When the evidence returned in bags, the bags had the wrong address on them. This crime was never solved and it’s obviously unclear as to whether the two are connected. Right after this happened, the moron at the condo association sets me off because he asked for a key to my condo claiming that they need access when I’m not home. That was the biggest bunch of B.S. I’ve ever heard. I unequivocally told them that would never happen. No one gets a key to my home. The condo association then went and hired a West Palm Beach law firm to come after me for the key. I was livid. I relayed all this to the police department when they were conducting their investigations. They told me flat out, legally they cannot try to obtain your key. The police department contacted the law firm and the moron and told them “Don’t ask for the key. You have no legal right.” They were advised from law enforcement about why this is a sensitive issue for me.

More time passes and the friend who knew about the deal being brokered, is now dead. Is that death related to the whole situation? My gut says no but my head says you can’t rule it out. There’s a couple more connections between the friend and some suspicions but right now I have nothing hard that ties that death back to the original problem. That death is under investigation.

Then this week the moron from the condo association sends out an email saying that they need access to my condo when I’m at work. You don’t even want to know how mad that makes me. Finally today, someone smarter from the condo association sends out an email that says, “We actually don’t need access to her condo.”

That was a very wise move otherwise, if they had persisted, I would of had to have law enforcement pay them another visit.

I have the right to protect my home. I have the right to defend myself. And I have the right not to be harassed over this same issue. They need to quit asking for access to my home. It isn’t going to happen because I don’t give access to anyone. Period. I have a right to make that home feel safe.

I don’t even discuss this with my family and it’s not a point open for discussion. I handled what happened in the past but this is why there’s no access to my life. This is non-negotiable. I’m still angry about all of it. And don’t ask anymore questions because I’m not willing to provide any more details because I think it compromises investigations that may still be in progress.

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