I’m upset about it…

15 Jan

I received an email today that triggered a bunch of memories that I just tried to forget about.

A few years ago, there was a series of serious events that all happened to the people closest to me in my life.

Initially, I chalked it up to unrelated events. But there is a common connection, a one that’s more sinister. I’ve run the scenarios through in my head about where that motivation could come from but in the end I still just have pieces of the puzzle. In the end, I question whether any of it was related or all just bad timing.

I never talk about these events because it would read like something out of a spy novel. And I’m just not a drama queen, but at the same time, there is a question in my mind about, “Are all these events related because there’s a common element that points back to the same place. Could it be that they are related?”

In the end, all I have are puzzle pieces. I gave up examining this a long time ago because I just didn’t have the answers to be sure.

Not knowing is far worse than knowing.

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