So incredibly happy…

13 Jan

I hit 400 golf balls today.

I spent all day at the range. I took the new clubs for 300 of those balls. There are particular clubs in the batch that I like better than others. At the last minute yesterday (you might remember I hit 100 balls yesterday with a set of clubs that I immediately sent back),  I spotted a driver in the pro shop. It was a Callaway XJ Tall. What that means is that it’s a boys club, tall – which ends up being my height. I bought this silly club for $25 and it turned out to be the best driver I ever had because it weighs nothing and it more closely fits my height on a club. I also bought an XJ fairway wood and ordered a hybrid off the Internet. It will take some work because my aim is not exactly where I want it on those clubs so there’s a learning curve to the club.

So I golfed 300 balls with the new clubs. Then I left and went grocery shopping and decided to go back at night because the range has lights and it’s open late on Sundays. I did 100 more balls with my old set. I have never hit those clubs as well as I did tonight. The new clubs require me to really focus on the swing so when I got to my old clubs, it was a breeze. I decided that golfing at night on the range is the best. So late Sunday afternoon into evening should be my target. I also decided that the old clubs have some pretty good engineering and I am amazed at how straight I can hit the old clubs.

Then I spent an hour putting with the new putter.

My right elbow is killing me but I don’t care. I’m icing it right now. It was so much fun. I can not wait to golf next weekend.

When I made my list of things I wanted to do more of this year – golfing was on the list including more weekends at the driving range. Reading novels for fun was on the list and reading the aviation manuals was on the list. More swimming was also on the list.

I’m not the world’s greatest golfer but I love it. I always have. It makes me happy. And when you have a nice Florida winter day, you can spend all day doing it. The range is literally right across the street from where I live. I carefully selected this place because it is surrounded with all the things I want to do. I was thanking myself for choosing it today. It’s so perfect for me.

It was a happy, happy day.

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