So how did it go?

11 Jan

The new clubs were awful. I went to the range and hit 100 balls and then I promptly shipped them back.

The irons were way too heavy. I couldn’t get distance on the drivers. The engineering on the clubs was just not good.

I went back and looked at my old set, which I’ve been playing with for a long time. But they are made much better. The irons are lighter on the old set. And I had added all those newer drivers. I expected to get new technology when buying new clubs. But that didn’t happen. What I’ve done over the years is add drivers and putters to the old set.

So after I shipped the new clubs back, I took a couple of my existing clubs and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I could compare what I have (that I am happy with but just wanted an improved club) and I looked for new clubs that were engineered very similar and a had graphite shafts. Some graphite clubs are heavier than others. So I bought another set of clubs. So tomorrow, I’m going back to the range. If I don’t like these clubs as well as my old ones, then they will go back and I’ll stick with what I have because I am not unhappy with them. The old clubs are what’s called a “full set” which means there’s every number and the bag becomes heavy and there are certain numbers I never play.

I wanted a set that included a hybrid club to do away with so many numbered irons because I never use them. The set I bought today is like that type of set.

Whoever wrote all those reviews about the set I tried today – well you don’t understand engineering. That set was made by the biggest name in golf but those are the worst clubs I have ever used. So today I said, “I’m not looking at brands. I’m not looking at price. I’m looking at the design only and the feel of the club.” And I’m not reading reviews.

So I’ll let you know if this set works out.

Today was just the day for things that needed design work. I wanted to save my new Pebble Beach golf wear for next weekend when I have a golf date. So today I wore something that we had made at Arnold Palmer Apparel. It was this dark grey golf skirt with built in leggings. And as I’m swinging this club I am thinking – now I know the rest of those girls who are designers are not real golfers. The waist on this skirt need to be 2 inches higher. They put it lower for looks but it’s in the wrong place when you twist. It’s fine for the driving range, but I would not want to golf in this for nine holes.

The whole day I was thinking about redesigning everything – the clubs and the clothes.

Several years ago I replaced the bag on my old set because I wanted a well designed bag and I got it. However, the second new set I bought today, doesn’t match that bag. So I might have to make a concession there.

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