I can’t wait for Saturday…

10 Jan

My new clubs arrived this week and I plan to go to the driving range to test them out on Saturday. I had a really expensive bag before so I’ll be keeping that bag and just moving some of the new clubs into that bag. I need to hit the clubs to determine how I want to stack my bag. For example, I may very well keep my previous putter. I will definitely be keeping my Big Bertha drivers.

I had ordered a couple of the ladies Pebble Beach golf shirts. They are cut so nice. You know I look good when I screw up.

This week has been so busy. At work I’m watching the stats for a site I created begin to heat up. And that means it’s time to add fuel to keep it going. I wrote 4 television commercial scripts today and pick the media buys from the rate cards. I reformatted four videos and continued building out a social schedule. It’s a list that goes on and on and on. There’s so much to do. But the last few days I’ve been left with nothing but work and work-out and then it’s almost 11 p.m. at night.

I’ll having more interesting things to post on Saturday after I take everything for a test run.

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