Goals for the New Year…

05 Jan

I have many goals for the New Year, one of which is an extensive reading list. Some are novels just for fun, some pertain to hobbies and one pertains to diet.

I am going to experiment with the diet for a month because I suspect that I am allergic to something I am eating. I’m a total clean freak and I don’t use any type of rugs or carpet in my home. I’ve resealed windows. I don’t have pets. I’ve gone to great lengths to try to remove anything that could be an allergy. So in the end I am concluding that I must be eating it. I plan to figure this out by process of elimination. The next month I am making a big change to the diet to see what it yields. And in the meantime I am reading one experts book on the subject. I’ll let you know if it works.

Other goals pertain to fitness, skin care, relaxation, more organization, improvement in ability on certain hobbies, starting and completing projects on my project list. I need to knock a few projects off of that list this year.

It’s a long and ambitious list this year. But overall I am in a very happy place so all of this goes to the continuous self improvement plan. I like to accomplish things and feel like I am taking good care of myself.

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