I’m excited…there are new golf clubs in the future…

05 Jan

I am getting some new golf clubs. I had told myself that if I began cleaning out closets with items that I don’t use and sell it on eBay then I could use the money to get new golf clubs.

It turns out, I made enough for new clubs and new workout outfits.

So I don’t have the clubs yet, but I’ve picked them out. And I have a tentative golf date. Remember my long time friend the terminal bachelor? We’re going to play this month when he’s in town. I’ve already heard it and it’s true, “You always date these guys that are terminal bachelors. And that’s why you haven’t been married in 25 years.” It’s true. Somehow I always end up dating the terminal bachelor type. Easily, the boyfriends of the last 12 years were all terminal bachelors. Yep.

And as one friend pointed out, “You seem to be the terminal bachelorette. It doesn’t really seem to bother you very much.”

That’s true as well. I’m as independent as they come. Many a man underestimates me. And I don’t care for that.

The second caveat to buying the clubs was that the last neck procedure had to go well. It did. And I’m sure my doctor would like to beat me with the golf club if he heard I was buying a new set. He doesn’t like me doing it. I’ve been lectured about how the damage you do shows up 7 years later in a normal person let alone someone like me. But there are certain things in life that I love to do that other people hate for me to do. But I’m here to live my life and do the things I want to do.

For example, the terminal bachelor wants me to give up flying. And this is a metaphor but this is what he said – he told me that there is a certain point at which, “You need to put the gun down.” He equates the small airplanes to Russian Roulette.

I said I would take it under advisement. And in the meantime I am going to hide the aviation manuals that I just ordered that are arriving this week.

Note to Self – Don’t leave them on the coffee table.

I’ll think about it. No guarantees but in the meantime, I have some books I want to read.

And I can come up with some kind of distracting conversation. Like maybe one about cocktail dresses. :)

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