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04 Jan

I was telling my mother this story at Christmas. I don’t like Costco because they don’t carry enough organic food. So in Boynton Beach they have a BJs Wholesale Club (which is owned by J.C. Pennys). Their produce and chickens are a lot higher quality. I often pick up a free-range, organic chicken that’s already cooked as a starter to something I am making.

So I was doing my usual shopping when I decided to look for some pajamas for mother for Christmas. So as I am glancing at clothing, I see these long sleeve Pebble Beach golf shirts. No way, I think. It was like 2 or 2 1/2 years ago when I was doing work for Arnold Palmer Apparel and they liked to use my skills as a jack of all trades – web site, photography, orders, operations, and preparing the artwork and selecting the threads for the logos to go on the shirts we designed for famous golf clubs and brands all over the United States. So what do I see at the wholesale club? Why it’s one of the shirts I made. I think that one was done with a Madiera thread. I remember doing different versions of the gray palettes for them. Then I did a multicolor version for the tournament shirts.

So when I saw it, I thought, “Oh you have to buy that shirt.”  I have a whole closet full of Arnold Palmer golf apparel that they gave to me when I worked there, but I never got to have one of the shirts of the clubs.

I am sure a lot of people don’t realize that in addition to what I’m known for (web sites, e-commerce, computer science, marketing, advertising, photography, magazine covers) there are some merchandise design items as well. I had my own line of design items for a while (and that was kind of obvious) but no one would ever know about this stuff.

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