Well it was fun…

15 Dec

The new Guitar Hotel is amazing in it’s design.

We went to the spa, had a little dinner and enjoyed the show last night. Chriss Angel does a very good show. He’s very entertaining and of course everyone thinks and prays for that little boy of his.

It was a fun time.

All my girlfriends wondered the same thing I did at a certain point, would this relationship ever turn serious? I’m afraid the answer is “No” girls. We have a tremendous amount in common and very similar taste but I heard him say the bottom line last night. Which is the famous line about not having ever been married and probably never will be. So that tells me right there, do not get emotionally invested in this because you will just get hurt and that’s all that come of it.

So unfortunately, he’s another G. I spent over four years in that relationship before I decided I had wasted enough time because G. will never get married again. It is the reason I left. It was pointless, hopeless and it’s always the woman who gets her heart broken. Guys that like that do not get attached to women.

I spent my whole 40’s dating successful guys who were fun and took me to great places but none of them were really looking for substance and they didn’t care if it lasted or not.

Now that I just turned 50, I would like something more real and lasting. I don’t want to be by myself in 20 to 25 years. And I would still like to find that one guy who would look at me and say, “I think this woman is special.”

But in answer to your question that the girls would have about last night – no, I’m not special. You heard the famous line. It tells you everything you need to know. And we’ve actually known each other for years.

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