My thoughts on this week…

11 Dec

Well they’ve taken the first step towards what they need to do. All 800 and some Saudi flight students have been grounded and contained. Now let them do their investigation and find out if it was isolated or a larger picture.

As for me this week, I have an “office” kind of Christmas party tomorrow. I haven’t pick out an outfit yet.

I am still looking forward to my plans for Saturday at the new hotel. I can not wait to see what they’ve built. This will be fun. I need 3 outfits for the day. I have one more to choose.

I am slowing getting items done in anticipation that I have company coming for Christmas – my two favorite ladies – my best friend and my mother.

The new computer arrived at work, I am just in the process of transferring everything.

I started back to the gym but I can only do legs only right now. Maybe next week I could return to “arms.”

That’s my week so far.

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