Trust me, it has nothing to do with politics…

09 Dec

I will ask whomever it is that I need to ask, to get the answers that we need. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to to do answers and whether or not something may actually be a national security issue.

But I’ve already asked the parties that are capable of getting us those answers to investigate.

When you post or message to certain organizations or offices then security would be required to read those messages. Translation – I was deliberately trying to get on their radar in order for them to see what I see.

In light of what’s happened, I am not willing to sit and assume that I am totally correct about what happened in my assessments. I think that no stone should be left uncovered. And when it comes to other people’s safety, you can’t be too cautious.

I do find it troubling that in the NTSB preliminary report on the plane crash, they did not interview or find the only person who made cell phone video of the crash.

That’s my position.

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