Dress Options for the Evening at The Hard Rock Guitar Hotel

08 Dec

Ok, feedback please from friends. Here are 3 options of outfits for the evening at Hard Rock’s Guitar Hotel. We are going to see the Chriss Angel show as well (he’s like Harry Houdini). Because this is a Hard Rock Hotel, it calls for a little glitz. My hair and my makeup isn’t done so were not looking at that this evening. We’re looking at the dresses. Yes, I hate the black glove splint, I still have a problem with my hand at the moment but I am hoping by next weekend that will gone.

Here is option number 1. It’s a little silver number and I’ve put a jacket with it.

This is option number 2. I like the slit up the side.

And here is option number 3 which I think is the weakest choice. It’s pretty but not the statement I am looking for…

So what do you think?

The bathing suit for the pool will be the classic Palm Beach look. What I mean by that is that it’s the type of suit Marilyn Monroe would have worn. I’ll accessorize that with a big Palm Beach Straw Hat. I know he likes this look because we went to an art show once and I asked which was his favorite painting. The lady was wearing some thing very similar in the painting. He loved it because it was classic Palm Beach. So the pool attire will be classy.

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