Mercy, mercy, mercy…

03 Dec

It’s throbbing and painful. I put a ring that was a size too big on that hand to use as a gauge this morning. By evening I had to take it off because it was too tight from the swelling. Yes, thoughts ran through my mind about whether I did more than just dislocate it. I know it was dislocated, because I put it back in place. My thought is, if it’s not feeling any better in 5 days then I’ll go get an x-ray. But give it 5 days. Meanwhile, it’s swollen and throbbing and pushing my blood pressure up. It’s painful from my fingers to my elbow.

Honestly, it’s really unfortunate that it’s my right hand.

I don’t know why but whatever I did – my whole body hurts only on the right side. Every time I rolled over in my sleep I woke myself up because everything hurts on the right side. Should, back, hip – you name it. Then the evil of all evil happened in the middle of the night. I was already so sore I couldn’t hardly move when I got one of those cursed charlie horses in my calves. It’s really hard to jump out of bed and stand on it when you’re that sore but it’s the only way to relieve a charlie horse. I always know about 30 seconds before it happens that it’s going to happen.

I’m thinking, “No. No. NO. NOT THIS AND NOT NOW.” Wham. Like the devil’s pitch fork right in the leg. I hate those things with a passion.

It was not an enjoyable night. I was worn out and exhausted. I slept 10 hours but not well. I feel like I could have slept 5 more. For that reason, I am taking a hot bath. I’m icing my hand and wrist and I’m going to bed.

I told you this would be a very challenging week for me. It’s living up to my expectations. I never complain in life. But yes, I’m complaining.

I feel like I’ve been beaten with an ugly stick.

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