I had to quit…

01 Dec

I was working on restoring those windows and I was almost where I wanted to be on progress when I dislocated my right thumb and injured my wrist.

I knew I had hurt it while I was working, but when I came into wash my hands, my thumb came completely out of the joint. It was loose but I had no idea it was that loose. Have mercy it hurts. It is so swollen and I can’t take anything to reduce the swelling because they said no blood thinners for 7 days prior to the neck procedure. So I thrust it into cold epsom salt loaded water. I splinted it because I have to. It’s too painful to move.

I also knew this is the week I am getting beat up between these projects and my neck procedure.

Next week will be a better week.

But I did make progress and I didn’t get stung by a bee or bitten by a snake. That’s the up side.

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