Time to take a 10 minute break this evening…

01 Dec

I’ve worked all day on one master bedroom window facing the golf course. If you’ve been reading the blog you know I’ve wanted to restore these windows because they are made of aircraft aluminum and have a very industrial look. They don’t make windows from this material anymore.

But of all the projects I’ve done in real estate, this is by FAR the HARDEST thing I have ever done. It’s not easy. I love the look the look of the metal when I’m done but it is so much work. I acid cleaned the window from the exterior. Read did all the seals around the window and all the panes. On the inside of the window I am using that polish that we use on airplanes. After I’m done the next steps are to remove the old tint and have my window guy come back and replace some of the part in the window. This window has gotten the most use out of the whole condo and it shows. It needs the most work. But the work we did replacing parts on the glass wall worked out really well.

I was trying to get the hardest parts over before my neck procedure this week.

I have a friend who recognized that I needed a break after this month. A chance to relax. We are going to Hard Rock’s new Guitar Hotel for drinks, dinner, a day at the pool and massage on December 14th. I’m looking forward to this. You’re speaking my language now…I’ve seen photos of the new hotel and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in person. I really appreciate the invitation for this.

So as I’m working on these windows, I’m thinking, “Just think about that cocktail and a massage…”

Now back to work.

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